estudyante redux

back to school in 3….2….1….

shortcuts 21 May 2009

Here are the acronyms I mostly use around here, and some helpful links for you reference 😀 (this is also a good resource hub for me..haha)

UP – University of the Philippines. Also, “Peyups
UPD – University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus
PSID – Philippine School of Interior Design
CHE – College of Home Economics
CTID – Department of Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
BSID – Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
RGEP – Revitalized General Education Program
OUR – Office of the University Registrar
GE – General Education
NOA – Notice of Admission
CRS – Computerized Registration System
UPHS – U.P. Health Service. Also, University Health Service
SC – Shopping Center
MST – Math, Science and Technology; A General Education subject group under RGEP
NSTP – National Service Training Program; Replaced the old ROTC (Reserve Offices’ Training Corps) which was required for males only; NSTP is required for both male and female students but has a choice among Military Training Services (MTS), Civic Welfare Training Services (CWTS), and Literacy Training Services (LTS)
STFAP – Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program
DEEE or EEEI – (Department of) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Institute) …whichever is correct.
MSI – Marine Science Institute
CHED – Commission on Higher Education; UP is autonomous, though, and is not necessarily covered by CHED governance.


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