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The hand that procrastinates 4 January 2010

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The hand that procrastinates is (rather, will eventually be) a tired hand.

Before the Christmas break I knew I had a plate to do for ID 11. Recalling last year’s holiday season, where I never got a free day from December 24 until January 1, I decided early on that I’d be doing my plate after the new year. I didn’t have a day when I wouldn’t be out of the house or cooking/helping out. This kind of situation isn’t very good for plate-making. The ideal would be (at least) one whole day when I could just stay upstairs without appointments, phone calls or other activities (like showers).

December 29 came along and while I was checking my facebook account, the following words grabbed my attention:






ink and aching muscles 21 July 2009

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Wasn’t I supposed to do this when classes were suspended?

Yeah right. What student in their right mind would do what they’re supposed to do at the proper time? Haha! Give me a break!

Fresh from last night’s cramming session (which I submitted properly and on time, by the way), here I am again doing what I do best. No, I wasn’t referring to drawing or painting. I meant cramming. Part 1 of the plate was an Egyptian furniture piece in watercolor. Nothing special about that. So far all my rendering/drawing plates have been in watercolor.

SDC10750an Egyptian folding stool (minus the seat, tho)