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The hand that procrastinates 4 January 2010

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The hand that procrastinates is (rather, will eventually be) a tired hand.

Before the Christmas break I knew I had a plate to do for ID 11. Recalling last year’s holiday season, where I never got a free day from December 24 until January 1, I decided early on that I’d be doing my plate after the new year. I didn’t have a day when I wouldn’t be out of the house or cooking/helping out. This kind of situation isn’t very good for plate-making. The ideal would be (at least) one whole day when I could just stay upstairs without appointments, phone calls or other activities (like showers).

December 29 came along and while I was checking my facebook account, the following words grabbed my attention:






Indoneeeeesiaaaahhh 27 September 2009

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It’s been raining since Saturday, and I haven’t done anything much besides this ID24 plate.

The class was given a typical bedroom layout and we had to choose an Asian country and design the room in accordance with our chosen country’s look.

I chose Indonesia.

SDC11837Does it look Indonesian enough?

SDC11838I was trying to layout the perspective, pictures and material swatches on a 15″x20″ board.

I got a Wood laminate flooring sample from the nearby Wilcon Depot. But guess where I got my other material samples?



C: Unravel The Mystery 23 September 2009

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Exhibit launch day! Do a time-space warp through the history of Western Furniture!

More photos


The product of a headache nursed by expensive coffee 22 September 2009

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Image007In-class plate with a partner. Text and drawings were provided by prof.


A testament to being OC 20 September 2009

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That’s OC as in Obsessive-Compulsive, not Orange County.
While I was rummaging for scraps and reusable boards to use to make frames for our upcoming ID114 exhibit and the scaled model I’m making, I found one of my old plates from 2005.
Yet another proof of my OC-ness to detail. LOLz
It’s a conceptual design for an art supplies store. It also foreshadows my interest in interior design.


Do The Louis 9 September 2009

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facepalm moment 4 September 2009

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I woke up early today to prepare the things I have to bring to school. The deadline for submission of our latest ID24 motifs plate has been moved to today. I was actually finished with painting, and all I had to do was write down the captions and book sources.

In the middle of ID114 class, it came to me: I forgot to bring my plate.

I had already placed and fastened it in a folder, together with the piece of paper which had the text that I needed to write. And I left it on top of my desk. Great.

Thankfully, Nanay mentioned to me when she dropped me off that Tatay would be going out around lunchtime. So I messaged him asking if he could swing by and bring me my plate. I gave detailed instructions on where the folder was and its exact contents. By 11:30, I got my folder! Yay! I went about writing the text I lacked and when I finished, I thought I would be able to submit it. FAIL. It was past 12 already and the CTID office was closed for lunch.

Good thing Tatay waited for me and we had lunch waiting for 1pm. That’s when I was able to submit my plate. Also, there were two 30″x40″ illustration boards for each ID student at the department so I got to bring mine home because I had a ride. These, along with some other paper products given before, are supplied to the students for use in their plates. These are paid for by the lab fees for studio classes included in our tuition. We didn’t have that in Archi, that’s for sure.


Myanmar/Burma motifs


Indonesia motifs


Thailand motifs