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Ended without much of a bang 16 October 2009

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After the week-long break from school due to freaky weather, classes in UP resumed but it didn’t exactly pick up where it left off. Profs spent entire periods with discussions about the preceding week, student experiences, and sharing. In ID114 we even discussed the issues that have been brought to attention because of recent activities from environmental to political to solutions designers may do to avoid such things happening again.

Some exams were waived, final requirements lessened. So for the final week I had a, ID10 group paper, an ID114 18th-19th century furniture long test and an ID24 scaled interior model and presentation.

ID10 was easy enough, since all I had to do was delegate parts of the paper to my groupmates, edit, compile and send it to another groupmate for printing.

The ID114 exam had 2 centuries worth of coverage, and these periods were particularly confusing for me. Most of Western furniture in the 18th and 19th centuries were “copies of” or “inspired by” past motifs or designs, and they’re pretty difficult to differentiate. We had readings, sure, about an inch thick wad of photocopies which I read only the night before. Crammer resurrection, anyone? The exam wheezed by, and I was able to properly answer most of the items, although I couldn’t say I nailed it. I think I was the one who got nailed. haha

The last requirement to go was ID24 where we had to present an interior model of a room in the Asian house assigned to us. My group had a Chinese courtyard house. We basically made a model of the photos of the house we got. Our group was scheduled to be the first presenters, and up to the last minute  we were superglue-ing the final details. Thank God we finished right on time! Because of our last minute construction, our presentation was weak, but to tell the truth we were the more fortunate ones. Also, the final product made us so proud 😀

So that was the final week of my first semester redux. How will my next semesters fare? Will I revert to crammer extraordinaire? Or will I be a grown-up professional? Maybe both? We’ll just have to find out. But for now, I take my leave! See you next sem!


Another unsatisfactory report has come and gone 15 September 2009

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ID10 report day: Everything seems to be falling out of place, yet in place at the same time. I wasn’t so panicky so I suppose that helped a lot. We did have video, but our audio couldn’t be understood and our video editor wasn’t able to include subtitles so we were forced to do an on-the-spot oral report. Thankfully Alaina brought a copy of the interview transcript I made before so we divided the questions amongst ourselves and talked our heads off while the video kept running in the background.

Our report was well-received and there wasn’t much criticism. Alma Conception even praised our presentation, even though I wasn’t satisfied at all. That’s my high expectations and perfectionism for ya. But I guess the simple fact that we’re finished with this requirement makes me feel good enough to let it slide. 🙂


Interschool Interview 25 August 2009

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Today my groupmates in ID10 and I met up at UST to do our group assignment: Interview a Licensed Interior Designer.

By recommendation of my aunt, we interviewed IDr. Anna Marie Bautista, who is an Assistant Professor at UST, Assistant Director of the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences, and practices as a freelance Interior Designer. So many responsibilities! How does she do it? That’s what we sought to find out. She was very nice and accommodating. We learned much from our interview, which was more like a casual conversation than a formal one.SDC11500

Afterwards some of us rode on a groupmate’s Mini Pajero and went on a roundabout route in Manila just to get to Joli’s where they bought modelmaking stuff for their Arki plates. It was 1pm already and 3 of us had a class at that time. Thankfully our ID24 prof usually got to class thirty minutes late so we weren’t really that concerned. Sure enough, we got to our classroom even before she got there.

I didn’t get to have lunch so after class (around 4pm) I wolfed down a ham and cheese sandwich and coffee jelly shake at the Vargas Museum Cafe.



Leader shmeader 11 August 2009

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In ID10 we’re given out instructions for group interview with a licensed interior designer. No class for 3 weeks! Yay!

But of course my groupmates just *had* to name me as their leader. On the grounds that I was the oldest. HA. Actually I wasn’t the oldest. Another groupmate of mine is also 2001. But I was also the only one who had contacts to prospective interviewees, so yeah…I finally gave in.

I contacted tita Tessie and asked if she had any recommendations on who we should interview. She asked a current professor at UST and I set a tentative date for interview, based on what we have agreed on as a group. In two weeks we should be done with it. I hope.