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It never fails 10 November 2009

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A glitch in the matrix, perhaps? No, actually it’s more like a long-running tradition. On the first few days of classes, there really isn’t much to do other than wait in vain for professors. Through personal experience and by experience of others, I can attest to this. Well, except for a few abberations like a certain non-lazy LA prof a friend has told me about. All you can do is hope for at least one of the following things:

(1) somebody announces early on that the prof isn’t coming (and says when the actual first class will be)

(2) you have classmates you know and/or can chat with to pass the time

(3) you have some sort of entertainment with you (book, music player, portable gaming console, a singer & dancer…)


Also, if you have another class after this first one, then you might as well plan in advance where to spend the rest of the hours outside the classroom (especially if hope#1 occurred). A mall, an internet shop or a nearby cafe/restaurant should be good options.

Thankfully for me, I ran into some 2nd year friends (on their way to Trinoma, probably because they had the same fate as I) who told me that some my afternoon class and the one tomorrow morning are postponed until next week. Amazing! Time to go home, then.

Expect many more first day posts to be like this. :p


what can you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning? 17 June 2009

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8 AM!

I wish I had a choice, but it was the only schedule offered for ID 114. Oh well, right? Thanks to my mom who had an early meeting, I hithced a ride and arrived at school by 7:30. I wasn’t the earliest one in the room, but there were two or three already seated. Of course based on yesterday‘s (and all previous semesters) experience, I was half-expecting to see no prof again. Part of me wanted it to happen, actually, because I had a real bad headache this particular morning, probably due to lack of sleep. The other part of me actually wanted to have a class today, because it would be such a waste to be there so early and have nothing happen (again). (more…)


Expect Nothing 16 June 2009

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Just as I had experienced it years ago, sem in and sem out, expect nothing to happen in school for the first few days to a week, particularly in major classes. The GE professors tend to be more punctual, but since this time around (almost) all my classes are majors, expect ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Sure enough, it’s true. A note on the door saved me from wasting time waiting for my ID 10 prof.

no class (more…)


I read the news today, oh boy… 6 June 2009

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Chancellor Cao announced that the start of classes will be moved to June 16 from June 9. Also, other colleges/universities moved their classes to June 15 instead of June 8, so said CHED. All this as precautionary measures against the spread of Influenza A H1N1 Virus.

I also learned that UP isn’t covered by CHED. Ha. We can haz awtonomiez! *shakefist*

Hmmmkay…. so I guess that gives me another week of bumming, huh?