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Status: unknown 3 November 2009

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As with any college in UP, the first day of Advising/Enrollment is dedicated to the Graduating students and Freshmen.

I’ve already graduated and has just started attending school in another college.

Um… so what’s my status again?

I think I’m on Freshman standing, but my CRS page says otherwise. Oh what the heck. I trooped down to CTID on this first enrollment day and asked Ate Tess.

me: Ate Tess, ano ba ang standing ko?

AT: *checks computer* Ah, regular.

me: ganun? Pero pwede ba akong magpa-advise ngayon?

AT: hmmm… ikaw.

me: ok! *writes down name on list*


Haha so that’s that. I was able to have my advising done today. But the trouble was, I wasn’t able to enlist in the ID subject I was lacking because I was on “Regular” status so I could only enlist starting tomorrow. Oh well. I’m going back tomorrow anyway, so it wasn’t a hassle.

I had one FAIL moment, though. I didn’t know I had to have my grades in a slip of paper countersigned by Kuya Sam at the enlistment room before I went to my asviser. So I had to go out and back again. Other than that, the day went by pretty smoothly. Before lunchtime I was on my way to SM North to have lunch and get a haircut.


enrolled! 4 June 2009

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I had a glitch. At the latter part of yesterday I had to have this form stating my income bracket signed by both my parents. Then that got them into thinking that I should apply for STFAP because I’m supposedly independent and since I’ve worked before, I’m supposed to be paying for myself and not need any signatures or approvals from “legal guardians” or “parents” (yeah, that’s what I’ve been wanting all these years, if they weren’t so clingy…sheesh).

Because of that I stayed up last night to study the requirements for financial assistance. In some of the parts I’ve read (if I’ve interpreted it correctly), I might not even be eligible for it. WHUT. But I’ll just have to clear that up with the student affairs office. There are so many freakin’ requirements and documents! Plus, the application has you fill out so many details like household members, their annual wages, and the working appliances in our home. If I want to be even close to being approved for STFAP, I should seriously move out and not have anything to do with my parents’ house…which is actually something I look forward to. But that’s another story.

In the end my dad decided that he’ll sign the Bracket B form and pay the PhP1000 per unit tuition and I’ll try to apply for STFAP next sem after I’ve inquired properly and worked out the details. He went with me to school because he was the one with the moolah. We went first to CHE and he went to Vinzons to withdraw monies while I had my tuition assessed. I asked the nice lady if I could change my income bracket next sem, because my parents might not pay for my tuition anymore. She said I could, which is great, so I’m gonna have to worry about my STFAP application for next sem.

Next step, Payment at OUR. My dad an I started walking, but it also started raining! WAH. haha so we went back to CHE and got the car instead. At OUR the line was really short so I only had to wait 10 minutes (or less) and I got to pay my tuition and got my form 5! Whoohoo~


chaos part deux+enlightenment 3 June 2009

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Once again first thing in the morning I knew what I had to do. First I had to go to CTID and have ate Tess enlist my ID classes. Despite the many people waiting outside the door, it was finished in five minutes, probably because students only went inside to write their names on a list and went back out to wait for their names to be called. It made for less chaos, really. She told me to enlist for my MST class and come back to my adviser to get a form 5. Okay. I wanted to get Marine Science 1 whose schedule sat nicely in my schedule. I didn’t care to look at the other GE schedules because I had my mind set. I decided to walk to the Marine Science Institute. (more…)


the chaos isn’t just in my head 2 June 2009

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I knew exactly what I was going to do when I get to CHE. Go to window 4, give my Admission slip, Medical certificate and 2 copies of info sheet to ma’am Lina. And that was exactly what I did. Well, after falling in line and waiting. So I passed my requirements, I clarified some questions I’ve been meaning to ask, like “Can I take up a GE class not under MST?” and “Do I have to take up MTS/CWTS?” The answer was No to both questions (thankfully for the latter). She made me photocopy some papers and after giving back the original, she gave me my copy with other forms attached stating my student status and other information, all to be given to my department. (more…)