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back to school in 3….2….1….

School Happened 2 3 January 2010

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…And, apparently, vacation happened as well. Anyway, back to what I was supposed to do…

My other two majors aren’t so generous on the plates, but still there’s a lot of activity. ID 14 is History class, and in my case it’s more like a review of what I learned in architecture. We have readings, reports and quizzes, and the occasional plate. So far we’ve reached up to the ancient Greek period. Here’s the plates so far:

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

ID 20, on the other hand, is Theory class. It’s less structured than History, so we have more of hands on activities like conceptualization and shape transformation supposedly to help us design better and with basis. This is a second year class, so presumably the sophomores have had some design principles taught to them by the design classes they took in architecture (Arch 10 and Arch 20). Here’s my favorite plate (just because it’s my favorite):

part 1: take a fruit/vegetable then dissect and make rendered studies of it.

part 2: make an abstracted pattern based on your dissected fruit/veggie

And because I’m a lazy little girl, I’m ending it here. I have other classes (Bio 1 and HE 101) but I’m not in the mood for writing about them just yet. haha.

Christmas break is almost over! Time to cram my over-the-vacation plates and learn to wake up early again! OTL


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