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School happened. (part 1) 26 December 2009

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It’s Christmas vacation already and this is my first post since the first week of 2nd semester. What happened? School happened, that’s what. Since my schedule is whole day this sem, I don’t have afternoons off like last time. The only time I could go online was at night when I’m home, but that time is often spent on plurk, gmail, or chatting with my boyfriend. And often while online, I’m also working on something else for school in front of Nanashi, my laptop. I do have a gigantic 4-1/2 hour break on Fridays, but so far that time has been spent doing errands that I should’ve done during sembreak.

So here’s a quick wrap-up of my schoolwork.

ID 11 plates are surprisingly fun to do, so far. Every meeting we do a plate in class, but before that our prof (Current CHE dean, Prof. Mayo) does a demonstration on the blackboard, showing drawing techniques and her expected output. This is AWESOME. Some of the things we’ve done I already knew from Architecture, but most of it I learned from my work experience. I’ve been talking with my Archi shiftee friends and we all had the same observation that the teaching method in ID is way different than that in Archi. Not that I’m putting down my home college, but I’m just stating that the approach is different. We had a class in Archi that’s similar to this (Arch 2: Monochromatic Rendering), and my experience was that the profs basically describe a drawing technique, maybe demonstrate a little, then make us draw a particular subject (fruits, the hallway, our classmate, a tree). That’s it. The difference in ID is that we are shown the preferred output. Architectural and Interior Design drawings are often different than artistic renderings, and that was the distinction that is pointed out in ID 11.

Wait, I said “quick wrap-up”, right? LOL here’s my plates so far:

the “tree-plants” (pencils)

collection of round and shiny objects (pencils)

collection of soft furnishings (pencils)

Different interior finishes (pencils)

shiny objects+soft furnishings+interior finishes (ink)

spot perspective with stone, brick, wood, marble, mirror, acoustic board, & tile (ink)

My ID 11 prof  with her demonstration drawing on the blackboard


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