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Windang Week 14 November 2009

Filed under: class — Sara @ 21:46

The first week of classes have passed, and all I can say is: WTH

First of all, a few of my classes are postponed until next week, and because of that I got them all mixed up. I thought my WF class was on TTh and vice versa. I also did a lot of errands which I really should’ve done during sembreak but I was too excited to begin bumming again that I didn’t think of them. So there. I did a lot of run-arounds with offices, banks and other stuff, all the while being inefficient and indecisive. I did a lot of bad decisions (knowingly or otherwise) which cost me a few attendances missed.

Let’s just say I would like to forget this past week. This isn’t a good start. I hope the next ones would be better.



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