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It never fails 10 November 2009

Filed under: class,first day — Sara @ 13:48

A glitch in the matrix, perhaps? No, actually it’s more like a long-running tradition. On the first few days of classes, there really isn’t much to do other than wait in vain for professors. Through personal experience and by experience of others, I can attest to this. Well, except for a few abberations like a certain non-lazy LA prof a friend has told me about. All you can do is hope for at least one of the following things:

(1) somebody announces early on that the prof isn’t coming (and says when the actual first class will be)

(2) you have classmates you know and/or can chat with to pass the time

(3) you have some sort of entertainment with you (book, music player, portable gaming console, a singer & dancer…)


Also, if you have another class after this first one, then you might as well plan in advance where to spend the rest of the hours outside the classroom (especially if hope#1 occurred). A mall, an internet shop or a nearby cafe/restaurant should be good options.

Thankfully for me, I ran into some 2nd year friends (on their way to Trinoma, probably because they had the same fate as I) who told me that some my afternoon class and the one tomorrow morning are postponed until next week. Amazing! Time to go home, then.

Expect many more first day posts to be like this. :p


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