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Status: unknown 3 November 2009

Filed under: enrollment — Sara @ 17:34

As with any college in UP, the first day of Advising/Enrollment is dedicated to the Graduating students and Freshmen.

I’ve already graduated and has just started attending school in another college.

Um… so what’s my status again?

I think I’m on Freshman standing, but my CRS page says otherwise. Oh what the heck. I trooped down to CTID on this first enrollment day and asked Ate Tess.

me: Ate Tess, ano ba ang standing ko?

AT: *checks computer* Ah, regular.

me: ganun? Pero pwede ba akong magpa-advise ngayon?

AT: hmmm… ikaw.

me: ok! *writes down name on list*


Haha so that’s that. I was able to have my advising done today. But the trouble was, I wasn’t able to enlist in the ID subject I was lacking because I was on “Regular” status so I could only enlist starting tomorrow. Oh well. I’m going back tomorrow anyway, so it wasn’t a hassle.

I had one FAIL moment, though. I didn’t know I had to have my grades in a slip of paper countersigned by Kuya Sam at the enlistment room before I went to my asviser. So I had to go out and back again. Other than that, the day went by pretty smoothly. Before lunchtime I was on my way to SM North to have lunch and get a haircut.


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