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Indoneeeeesiaaaahhh 27 September 2009

Filed under: plate,rendering,watercolor — Sara @ 23:10

It’s been raining since Saturday, and I haven’t done anything much besides this ID24 plate.

The class was given a typical bedroom layout and we had to choose an Asian country and design the room in accordance with our chosen country’s look.

I chose Indonesia.

SDC11837Does it look Indonesian enough?

SDC11838I was trying to layout the perspective, pictures and material swatches on a 15″x20″ board.

I got a Wood laminate flooring sample from the nearby Wilcon Depot. But guess where I got my other material samples?



2 Responses to “Indoneeeeesiaaaahhh”

  1. katsy Says:

    sar kawawang tsinelas haha. mukhang ok ang wordpress noh? i tried transferring kaso i couldn’t leave blogspot.. tagal na din nun e kaso wala naman ako nasusulat na dun haha. i want to try ung since i bought my own domain and hosting for one year that is still until now, unused. :)))

    • estudyanteredux Says:

      Haha di ko na kasi ginagamit yung tsinelas…
      Wordpress vs Blogspot? I’m not sure which would win, since I haven’t really explored the extents of either WP or blogspot. Haha..

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