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The ex-home’s ex-home 25 September 2009

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After ID114 class this morning had to stick around until 5 for exhibit dismantling. I figured that I should use the free time wisely and do some research for a plate I had to do for ID24. After doing some errands at SC for my boyfriend’s dad, I had lunch at Rodic’s (TAPSILOG!) for the first time this sem. It was the same old taste, which is GREAT. I finished eating early, therefore I had some time to waste before CHE Lib reopens at 1pm. I decided to pass by the Eng’g canteen to get some Nescafe Freezz. I got my dessert/drink and it was still too early. I milled around the building, climbing the stairs to the lobby, walking around, until I finally decided to go upstairs and visit Arki’s old home: 4th and 5th floor.

The College of Architecture officially moved to its current location during the summer before my fifth year. For four years of my life in that college, we were neighbors with the College of Engineering in Melchor Hall. It was fun, because a lot of my high school classmates and three of my cousins were in the same building. The classrooms were large and airy, the halls were wide and there were a lot of places to hang out.

The last time I went back to this area, it was still empty and unused. But now, as I climbed the staircase, I heard voices from the fourth floor. When I finally arrived, all was revealed:


Wow! There are people! And tables! What is this??

Image013Ah, the 4th floor lobby is now a “Quiet Zone.” Sort of like a study/meeting/Wi-Fi area for students. (click to zoom in)


“Building global careers for the Filipino IT Talent” special thanks to our generous sponsors (note the plaque)


New glass doors framed by black jambs, and a photo collage inspired by/depicting the Industrial Engineering profession. The Vitruvian Man is there somewhere, I think…


Glass doors with frosted accents and crossword puzzle-themed lettering. The refurbished classrooms were made possible by sponsors


New floor, new table, new chairs and roll-up blinds for the engineering students


A view of the 4th floor hallway. Although the rooms are functional and the lobby is being used, it’s still so empty and lifeless.


5th floor is more deserted, but I think the classrooms are still used here.


I know I’ve seen this bench in one tambayan somewhere…saan nga ba?


ARC bulletin board at the 3rd-4th floor landing. It’s there, but not there at the same time.

The old Archi AVR at the 5th floor has been refurbished, and it’s now an air conditioned lecture room (of course, thanks to sponsors). One thing that hasn’t changed at all is the little rounded washroom at the 5th floor.

Oh, and I think it’s worth mentioning that the elevator at Melchor Hall is functional again.


No doubt, nostalgia is on my mind as I walked the halls of the ex-residence of the College of Architecture. Four years is a long time, and many memories were made during that time. Sleepless overnights, esquisses, tambay nights, beauty pageants, and broken windows are only a few of them. I’m happy for Arki that we finally got our very own home, but there will always be that little part of me that didn’t want to go.





5 Responses to “The ex-home’s ex-home”

  1. katsy Says:

    awww sar.. shucks binabasa ko pa lang nasesenti na ko.. waaaa. round table, asc office, asaphil tambayan sa lobby, asaphil tambayan nung nalipat, commandante room.. etc etc.. ang empty nung corridors sarap tulugan hehehe. melch will always be home >_<

  2. Sarah Says:

    Syempre and naisip ko kagad ay ang Anime@Arki days! Haha!

    Tapos naalala ko na nagkaron ng rin pala ako ng classes diyan…at tinulungan mo akong mag-reg. Wheeeee~ nostalgia~

  3. reena Says:

    i feel the same way. kaya nga i dont feel at home sa new building ng arki eh. i just go there to rserach but never to hang out. it feels so alien to me.

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