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A testament to being OC 20 September 2009

Filed under: arki days,plate,random — Sara @ 17:10
That’s OC as in Obsessive-Compulsive, not Orange County.
While I was rummaging for scraps and reusable boards to use to make frames for our upcoming ID114 exhibit and the scaled model I’m making, I found one of my old plates from 2005.
Yet another proof of my OC-ness to detail. LOLz
It’s a conceptual design for an art supplies store. It also foreshadows my interest in interior design.

I made those origami balls and they have been lying around the house for some time. I took a photo of them on our coffee table and I photoshopped in the yellow+orange flame things inside…and on the reflection, too. Details, details!
I cut all the white paper out of the top half of those letters. Not really necessary, but it looks a lot better that way.
I took a photo of this jar of spilled stars , printed it, cut them out individually and glued each one on the board.
SDC11744Here’s a closer look at the letters that have the whites cut out.

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