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Icon FAIL or WIN? 19 September 2009

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Design Core interview day today, we were asked to go to CHE at a certain time, and to wear business attire. I did as told, but prior to this I was wondering how the interview would be conducted. We weren’t given anything to memorize, like the org’s history or preamble as what we used to do in ASAPhil. We weren’t asked to prepare any “special talent”, and I doubted we would have to “perform” anything since we would be interviewed in the open-to-all-who-cares-to-look tambayan. Finally, there were about 9 of us lined up for a one-on-one interview in the morning (9-11am) and another batch in the afternoon (1-3pm). Computing the time for each interview, it would add up to about 10 minutes each. It’s too short a time for any special gimmicks or life-changing experiences, unlike the hour-long closed-door interviews I’ve experienced (and conducted) in the past. On these grounds, I didn’t see any reason to be nervous.

True enough, the interview was short and to the point. we had questions to answer, but they’re more for getting to know one’s character than about the org itself. There was one question, though, that they asked everybody: Who is your icon?

What do I answer to that? I was told that it could be a fashion icon, an inspiration, hero, whatever. I didn’t want to stay any longer, so I answered Frank Lloyd Wright.

Little did I know that the question was asked for a special purpose. We were supposed to be dressed up as our “icon” on the Apps night/party.

Right. So I’m going as an old man.

It actually wasn’t so bad, once I thought about it. 🙂

The funny thing is, I’m not alone. A female co-applicant answered Frank Gehry 😀 We’re gonna be two old men!


One Response to “Icon FAIL or WIN?”

  1. katsy Says:

    sar sorry comment barrage :)) i would’ve answered daniel libeskind if asked the question :)))

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