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Walk like an Egyptian 16 September 2009

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For ID114, each student was assigned a style/period in Western furniture history. We are to make a miniature chair and its corresponding interior for an Exhibit on the 23rd. I made mine between the 12th to 16th of September, because we had to have our work checked by 11:30 on the 16th.

I CRAMMED! Well, unintentionally, at least. I was actually enjoying the activity because I’ve always loved making scaled models in Arki. That was the highlight of every semester for me. That’s also one of the reasons why I made a miniature for thesis even though it wasn’t required. I took a lot of photos while I worked and posted them online since I was so happy with what I was doing, especially the chair.

I must’ve been enjoying too much that I wasn’t able to manage my time so well, and I ended up working until the very last minute. Thankfully I wasn’t penalized for arriving at school a few minutes past the due time. I had my work checked and got my comments for improvement which I should work on before the class begins the setup for the exhibit next week. Whew!


Chair in progress (with reference image)



Painted and almost ready to go~ Final step is a coat of clear laquer for shininess (of which I had a little accident involving a clogged spray paint can, a face where the can was pointed at, and a stupid finger that pressed on the trigger)


The makings of an egyptian column


Interior with wall and floor paintings


In comes the painted column


…next comes the chair, and it’s complete!


Detail of floor painting


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