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Another unsatisfactory report has come and gone 15 September 2009

Filed under: class,groupwork,interview,report — Sara @ 23:42

ID10 report day: Everything seems to be falling out of place, yet in place at the same time. I wasn’t so panicky so I suppose that helped a lot. We did have video, but our audio couldn’t be understood and our video editor wasn’t able to include subtitles so we were forced to do an on-the-spot oral report. Thankfully Alaina brought a copy of the interview transcript I made before so we divided the questions amongst ourselves and talked our heads off while the video kept running in the background.

Our report was well-received and there wasn’t much criticism. Alma Conception even praised our presentation, even though I wasn’t satisfied at all. That’s my high expectations and perfectionism for ya. But I guess the simple fact that we’re finished with this requirement makes me feel good enough to let it slide. 🙂


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