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Productive Time 29 September 2009

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I passed by OVCSA this afternoon and confirmed what I heard on the news earlier:

Classes are suspended this week and will resume on Monday, October 5, 2009

This gives students (as well as faculty and staff) the opportunity to DONATE, VOLUNTEER and HELP the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in any way we can.

Here’s a helpful compilation of ways to help.

And another helpful list!

Let’s go!

Also, from Chancellor Cao, end of classes has been moved from October 8 (Thursday) to October 13 (Tuesday). Integration period is moved from October 9-10 to October 14. Final exams for graduating students is moved from October 12-14 to October 15-19. Final exams for other students is moved from October 12-20 to October 15-22.

… honestly, I have no idea what “Integration period” is… HAHA


kalokang Ondoy ka 28 September 2009

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Classes are suspended due to the unforseen OMG-that’s-a-lot-of-water that Tropical Storm Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) has dumped upon NCR and its surrounding provinces.

Excuse me while I stare at the TV in awe.

SDC11811This view outside my window is nothing compared to the waterworks elsewhere in the metro.


Indoneeeeesiaaaahhh 27 September 2009

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It’s been raining since Saturday, and I haven’t done anything much besides this ID24 plate.

The class was given a typical bedroom layout and we had to choose an Asian country and design the room in accordance with our chosen country’s look.

I chose Indonesia.

SDC11837Does it look Indonesian enough?

SDC11838I was trying to layout the perspective, pictures and material swatches on a 15″x20″ board.

I got a Wood laminate flooring sample from the nearby Wilcon Depot. But guess where I got my other material samples?



The ex-home’s ex-home 25 September 2009

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After ID114 class this morning had to stick around until 5 for exhibit dismantling. I figured that I should use the free time wisely and do some research for a plate I had to do for ID24. After doing some errands at SC for my boyfriend’s dad, I had lunch at Rodic’s (TAPSILOG!) for the first time this sem. It was the same old taste, which is GREAT. I finished eating early, therefore I had some time to waste before CHE Lib reopens at 1pm. I decided to pass by the Eng’g canteen to get some Nescafe Freezz. I got my dessert/drink and it was still too early. I milled around the building, climbing the stairs to the lobby, walking around, until I finally decided to go upstairs and visit Arki’s old home: 4th and 5th floor.

The College of Architecture officially moved to its current location during the summer before my fifth year. For four years of my life in that college, we were neighbors with the College of Engineering in Melchor Hall. It was fun, because a lot of my high school classmates and three of my cousins were in the same building. The classrooms were large and airy, the halls were wide and there were a lot of places to hang out.

The last time I went back to this area, it was still empty and unused. But now, as I climbed the staircase, I heard voices from the fourth floor. When I finally arrived, all was revealed:


Wow! There are people! And tables! What is this??



C: Unravel The Mystery 23 September 2009

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Exhibit launch day! Do a time-space warp through the history of Western Furniture!

More photos


The product of a headache nursed by expensive coffee 22 September 2009

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Image007In-class plate with a partner. Text and drawings were provided by prof.


A testament to being OC 20 September 2009

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That’s OC as in Obsessive-Compulsive, not Orange County.
While I was rummaging for scraps and reusable boards to use to make frames for our upcoming ID114 exhibit and the scaled model I’m making, I found one of my old plates from 2005.
Yet another proof of my OC-ness to detail. LOLz
It’s a conceptual design for an art supplies store. It also foreshadows my interest in interior design.