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Bulwagan ng Dangal 27 August 2009

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Remember the small covered area at the side of the Main Library? The one you usually pass by on the way to Beach House? The one near the parking spaces at the Palma Hall side?

No, I don’t remember it either. But since I started going to UP again, I’ve noticed something being constructed on that area. As if the little project wasn’t intriguing enough, the name it had gave it another level of mystery: Bulwagan ng Dangal. In English, Hall of Honor.

Curious as I usually am, somehow I never ventured to go there until we were required to in ID24. That was when all was revealed to me: it was a museum. The small structure we see attached to the Library is just the lobby. The main gallery was actually a part of the Main Library’s basement level. I’m impressed!

Currently, the exhibit is the artworks of National Artists and other renowned artists of the Philippines. This will run until December, after which they will change the exhibit. I totally recommend everybody to go because it’s awesome and it’s free. 😀


Classmates waiting/lounging at the lobby


UP [parrot] naming mahal!


Awesome light fixture! I love it!


Operating time and Tour schedules


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