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Interschool Interview 25 August 2009

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Today my groupmates in ID10 and I met up at UST to do our group assignment: Interview a Licensed Interior Designer.

By recommendation of my aunt, we interviewed IDr. Anna Marie Bautista, who is an Assistant Professor at UST, Assistant Director of the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences, and practices as a freelance Interior Designer. So many responsibilities! How does she do it? That’s what we sought to find out. She was very nice and accommodating. We learned much from our interview, which was more like a casual conversation than a formal one.SDC11500

Afterwards some of us rode on a groupmate’s Mini Pajero and went on a roundabout route in Manila just to get to Joli’s where they bought modelmaking stuff for their Arki plates. It was 1pm already and 3 of us had a class at that time. Thankfully our ID24 prof usually got to class thirty minutes late so we weren’t really that concerned. Sure enough, we got to our classroom even before she got there.

I didn’t get to have lunch so after class (around 4pm) I wolfed down a ham and cheese sandwich and coffee jelly shake at the Vargas Museum Cafe.



2 Responses to “Interschool Interview”

  1. katsy Says:

    saaar coffee jelly shake??? meron??? waaaaaaa

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