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ACLE 20 August 2009

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Last Tuesday (Aug 18), I did make an effort to look at the list of Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) classes being offered. I did list some things I was interested in, like this alternative advertising design one and a Japanese film showing and a Korean food tasting. And then later that night I got a message from DC MemCom head: Apps are required to attend the DC ACLE at….

Ha. So much for checking out other ACLE classes. According to the USC list posted in AS (and everywhere else in the campus), the DC topic is about packaging design. Hmmm cool enough 😀

So I went to CTID at 1pm to attend DC’s ACLE class, which began as something like “Art beyond the surface” something or other. Then it led to Mehndi, which is the traditional Indian henna tattoo practice. And then a DC member is called who dabbles in art commission sidelines and henna tattooing. Hmmmm okaaaay…. and then out came the squeeze bottles and sample patterns.

We’re supposed to put henna on ourselves! HAHA so funny! I’ve always wanted to do that! I’ve even researched about mehndi and where I could source the raw materials for the henna mixture. I just never gotten around to doing it. And here’s my chance!

I looked over the sample patterns (some are from a library book, my co-apps and I recognized) but I can’t seem to decide on anything. So I made my own: breakfast toast and coffee!

And as an afterthought, I made a mushroom on the reverse side. I had fun!

more pics

acleACLE Class card


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