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Reminiscing with cravings 18 August 2009

Filed under: arki days,food trip — Sara @ 22:31

By some sudden urge after class, I found myself walking through the beta way from AS to Eng’g. I’m visited by flashbacks of first year arki, me and my blockmates carrying our drafting boards and T-squares and giant bags straight from Kas 1 in AS to Arch 1 class at 4th floor Melchor Hall, rushing to avoid being stalled by the National Anthem+UP Naming Mahal medley every Monday morning. Of course I have other memories of that short walk between the mirror-image buildings. We’ve had org activities there, site surveying, photography shoots, sometimes just exploring the trees and waterways around the area.

Afterwards, I went to Shopping center and for the first time since the semester started, I had a craving for fishballs. I did pass by the isaw place, but I didn’t have a craving for isaw yet, so I looked for fishballs. I settled at a stall at the Infirmary end of SC and had my serving of 10-peso worth fishballs! Yay! After that I wanted something to wash the sauce down so I went to Lutong Bahay and had a choco-banana shake. Somehow there’s a lot of fruit and powder shakes around UP now. Which is good in a way. At least there’s more variety to life. And I do like my fresh fruit shakes. These are inexpensive, too. Prices range from 20 to 35 pesos depending on the flavor. One thing I’d like them to change, though. Change from granular sugar to syrup. Sugar isn’t nice in a drink if it isn’t dissolved.

With that in mind, I consumed my shake while walking to Bahay ng Alumni where I would hang out waiting for Nanay to pick me up.


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