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Bulwagan ng Dangal 27 August 2009

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Remember the small covered area at the side of the Main Library? The one you usually pass by on the way to Beach House? The one near the parking spaces at the Palma Hall side?

No, I don’t remember it either. But since I started going to UP again, I’ve noticed something being constructed on that area. As if the little project wasn’t intriguing enough, the name it had gave it another level of mystery: Bulwagan ng Dangal. In English, Hall of Honor.

Curious as I usually am, somehow I never ventured to go there until we were required to in ID24. That was when all was revealed to me: it was a museum. The small structure we see attached to the Library is just the lobby. The main gallery was actually a part of the Main Library’s basement level. I’m impressed!

Currently, the exhibit is the artworks of National Artists and other renowned artists of the Philippines. This will run until December, after which they will change the exhibit. I totally recommend everybody to go because it’s awesome and it’s free. 😀


Classmates waiting/lounging at the lobby


UP [parrot] naming mahal!


Awesome light fixture! I love it!


Operating time and Tour schedules


Four days of my life 26 August 2009

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has been used up for this particular midterm plate. wah


The beginnings of an addiction to detail


Five pieces of Renaissance furniture


Renaissance Interior in progress


Finished plate… whew!

Looking back, I suppose those four days were not in vain. I’m happy with the level of detail I did. 🙂


Interschool Interview 25 August 2009

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Today my groupmates in ID10 and I met up at UST to do our group assignment: Interview a Licensed Interior Designer.

By recommendation of my aunt, we interviewed IDr. Anna Marie Bautista, who is an Assistant Professor at UST, Assistant Director of the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences, and practices as a freelance Interior Designer. So many responsibilities! How does she do it? That’s what we sought to find out. She was very nice and accommodating. We learned much from our interview, which was more like a casual conversation than a formal one.SDC11500

Afterwards some of us rode on a groupmate’s Mini Pajero and went on a roundabout route in Manila just to get to Joli’s where they bought modelmaking stuff for their Arki plates. It was 1pm already and 3 of us had a class at that time. Thankfully our ID24 prof usually got to class thirty minutes late so we weren’t really that concerned. Sure enough, we got to our classroom even before she got there.

I didn’t get to have lunch so after class (around 4pm) I wolfed down a ham and cheese sandwich and coffee jelly shake at the Vargas Museum Cafe.



ACLE 20 August 2009

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Last Tuesday (Aug 18), I did make an effort to look at the list of Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) classes being offered. I did list some things I was interested in, like this alternative advertising design one and a Japanese film showing and a Korean food tasting. And then later that night I got a message from DC MemCom head: Apps are required to attend the DC ACLE at….

Ha. So much for checking out other ACLE classes. According to the USC list posted in AS (and everywhere else in the campus), the DC topic is about packaging design. Hmmm cool enough 😀

So I went to CTID at 1pm to attend DC’s ACLE class, which began as something like “Art beyond the surface” something or other. Then it led to Mehndi, which is the traditional Indian henna tattoo practice. And then a DC member is called who dabbles in art commission sidelines and henna tattooing. Hmmmm okaaaay…. and then out came the squeeze bottles and sample patterns.

We’re supposed to put henna on ourselves! HAHA so funny! I’ve always wanted to do that! I’ve even researched about mehndi and where I could source the raw materials for the henna mixture. I just never gotten around to doing it. And here’s my chance!

I looked over the sample patterns (some are from a library book, my co-apps and I recognized) but I can’t seem to decide on anything. So I made my own: breakfast toast and coffee!

And as an afterthought, I made a mushroom on the reverse side. I had fun!

more pics

acleACLE Class card


DC Buddy Bonding thang 19 August 2009

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Since the 19th is a holiday and the deadline for our Buddy Bonding essay is nearing, I went along with some of my 2nd year classmates on their organized activity at RedBox Trinoma! As it turns out we were all Redbox virgins and we didn’t know how everything worked. Haha eventually with some help and our slightly slow learning curve, we got down to that singing business.

But of course I’m not in the pic… LOLz XD

more pics


Reminiscing with cravings 18 August 2009

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By some sudden urge after class, I found myself walking through the beta way from AS to Eng’g. I’m visited by flashbacks of first year arki, me and my blockmates carrying our drafting boards and T-squares and giant bags straight from Kas 1 in AS to Arch 1 class at 4th floor Melchor Hall, rushing to avoid being stalled by the National Anthem+UP Naming Mahal medley every Monday morning. Of course I have other memories of that short walk between the mirror-image buildings. We’ve had org activities there, site surveying, photography shoots, sometimes just exploring the trees and waterways around the area.

Afterwards, I went to Shopping center and for the first time since the semester started, I had a craving for fishballs. I did pass by the isaw place, but I didn’t have a craving for isaw yet, so I looked for fishballs. I settled at a stall at the Infirmary end of SC and had my serving of 10-peso worth fishballs! Yay! After that I wanted something to wash the sauce down so I went to Lutong Bahay and had a choco-banana shake. Somehow there’s a lot of fruit and powder shakes around UP now. Which is good in a way. At least there’s more variety to life. And I do like my fresh fruit shakes. These are inexpensive, too. Prices range from 20 to 35 pesos depending on the flavor. One thing I’d like them to change, though. Change from granular sugar to syrup. Sugar isn’t nice in a drink if it isn’t dissolved.

With that in mind, I consumed my shake while walking to Bahay ng Alumni where I would hang out waiting for Nanay to pick me up.


brain fuzz 14 August 2009

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From August 11 to 14, I suppose some school stuff happened this week..I’m just not focused on it. I was more concerned with sleeping in Makati and Quezon City on alternate days because my beloved just flew off to spend a year in the far east this morning.

Oh yeah, my ID114 midterms was also today, but I was too much in a daze. I got to school just in time straight from the airport and I only had two hours of sleep. I did study a bit, but… bleh. I couldn’t care less, actually.