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broken reverie 23 July 2009

Filed under: class,report — Sara @ 21:16

Though happy from yesterday’s idleness and the little break I deserved, it’s back to reality once I got home. There was still so much to do for the group report on Indian architecture and interiors!

The powerpoint presentation was assigned to somebody else, but I had volunteered to source out movies with architectural references that we can show to the class (as an extra feature, rather than just the usual presentation). I found Gandhi (which is a treasure trove! Good thing I remembered we had a DVD of this), Slumdog Millionaire (which wasn’t much help besides images of the Indian slums and Taj Mahal), and The Love Guru (which had more use than Slumdog but is so very very Hollywood-ized so we can’t really take it literally). I spent most of last night and this whole morning (I had to miss my tutorial class, too) to finish scanning each movie for usable scenes and noting the time stamps.

I don’t really want to talk much about the report. Just that it was disappointing. I really have high standards with these kinds of things and if I were the prof I would fail us for doing a pathetic job. We did give some useful information but the organization of the report was far from perfect. We could’ve done better, that’s all.

Oh well. Big sigh. At the moment, though, I was just happy that it was over and done with. So that’s something to be thankful about.


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