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Left with nothing to do 22 July 2009

Filed under: chair,class,furniture,plate — Sara @ 21:03


It’s submission day for the 20th Century Chairs plate! And the Egyptian, Greek and Roman furniture plates as well…. right? Apparently we were supposed to render the latter ones in class for the next two meetings. And I finished them last night.

So while our prof graded and commented on our 15×20 boards, the class was supposed to render their plates. And I finished them last night. Yuz. Last night I finished them.

I watched my classmates paint.

Oh, and our boards were returned on the same day, which I hadn’t counted on. I’m all dolled up for a monthsary date after class and now I have to bring along this board all around Trinoma! I even ended up attending Starbucks Coffee seminar with it. Yay for student-plate bonding! yaaaaaay~



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