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ink and aching muscles 21 July 2009

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Wasn’t I supposed to do this when classes were suspended?

Yeah right. What student in their right mind would do what they’re supposed to do at the proper time? Haha! Give me a break!

Fresh from last night’s cramming session (which I submitted properly and on time, by the way), here I am again doing what I do best. No, I wasn’t referring to drawing or painting. I meant cramming. Part 1 of the plate was an Egyptian furniture piece in watercolor. Nothing special about that. So far all my rendering/drawing plates have been in watercolor.

SDC10750an Egyptian folding stool (minus the seat, tho)

Part 2 was a bit troublesome. We had to do a rendering juxtaposing Greek and Roman furniture (of the same or similar function) for comparative purposes. Supposedly the Romans borrowed a lot from Greek culture, particularly in Architecture, as I’ve learned previously, also in their furniture. I chose the three-legged table, which existed in both ancient civilizations with only slight differences. The trouble wasn’t exactly with the research or even the drawing, which I’ve done quite decently. It’s the rendering that I had an issue with. I’ve never tried proper pen-and-ink rendering before.

SDC10747Outlines in ink, which I did pretty okay.

What I was to search for reference pics on the Net just so I get a feel of what pen and ink rendering should look like. For those who know me from my deviantArt days, I’ve never been fond of inking or using pens at all. I knew the concepts of hatching and cross-hatching (taught in my Monochromatic Rendering class in Archi) but I’ve never forayed much into the inked world unless I absolutely had to. In this case, I absolutely had to.

But wait, the references I found didn’t use inked outlines at all! Unfortunately for me, I’ve already inked mine. So with a sudden burst of confidence, I just said, “whatever” and began a cross-hatching frenzy.

An almost spent 0.1 pen and an aching arm later, I finally produced what I believe to be a pretty good job for somebody who hasn’t tried this kind of thing before.



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  1. […] It’s submission day for the 20th Century Chairs plate! And the Egyptian, Greek and Roman furniture plates as well…. right? Apparently we were supposed to render the latter ones in class for the next two meetings. And I finished them last night. […]

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