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Cramming? Yes, please. 21 July 2009

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But of course, how could my dear friend Procrastination leave me? We’ve been together for so many years it would be unthinkable for us to part ways now.

So I found myself cramming again. But to tell the truth, I actually enjoyed this particular cram session, maybe because it was rummaging through magazines to cut up and arranging them and gluing them onto boards. In short, it was my ID 10 scrapbooking project.

We were supposed to make a scrapbook depicting CHE’s Seven Educative Goals and relating them to Interior Design, so here are mine. These are the rough layouts, so please excuse the mess. I took pictures so that I know where to glue each piece after I’ve cut them out properly.

11. Love of God

22. Love of Country

33. Belief in the Integral Role of the Family

44. Ethical Behavior

55. Management Mindedness

66. Pursuit of Excellence

77. Social Responsibility


One Response to “Cramming? Yes, please.”

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