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come rain, come shine 17 July 2009

Filed under: class,plate,suspension — Sara @ 20:08

For the first time classes in the College level are suspended due to rainy weather. The handouts for our ID 24 report were supposed to be submitted today, but I got a message from my groupmate that Chancellor Cao had declared the suspension of classes (FYI, UPD is not covered by CHED suspensions/announcements/declarations because of our autonomy despite being a state university).

With a brief (though unresolved) exchange of messages with my other groupmates, we ended up not submitting our handout (which wasn’t ready anyway). Then I remembered that we were scheduled to have an in-class plate on my supposed class today (ID 114). I texted the prof directly because I didn’t have any of my classmates’ numbers. She said to just do the plate at home and submit next meeting. Okidoki, then.

It never fails, though, that when classes are declared suspended, the rains cease to exist.


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