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15 minutes of fame in arki 15 July 2009

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Nah, not fame. I just spent around 15 minutes there in the library before it closed. It’s more like non-fame, since I did not know anybody nor did anybody know me. Well, it has been three years since I visited (except for one nighttime talk I attended more than a year ago).

After class and another CHE library raid with my classmates I ran off to Arki to meet with my 2 groupmates. I was supposed to be there earlier but I wasn’t so they were already going out by the time I got there. Not wanting to waste any time and effort, I decided to go ahead to the library and squeeze out what little time I had left before it closed at noon. I got a tiny bit of info, but the library was closing for lunch and I had a ton of work at home so I’ll just have to go back some other day.


Honestly I have been secretly avoiding going to archi. I have a certain… mental disorder, if I may. I always get anxious and have this illogical feeling that I am not welcomed when I go back to a place or institution that I’ve spent a big part of my time in. For example, I have trouble going to a place where I worked in before, and I try to avoid people recognizing me, even if it means having to hide behind corners or taking an impractical route. I know it’s stupid, but as I said, it’s illogical. I don’t know why I feel like that but I do and my body involuntarily does so. The same case goes for archi.

I think it’s also my fear of professors (in archi) asking me why I took up Interior Design. I’m sick of that question already and to me it’s slightly offensive when people learn that I’m an architect already and I’m being all-freshman again in another college, and then they ask “bakit naman?” as if I did something wrong. Sometimes I just want to answer, “anong paki n’yo, gusto ko e!”

Of course I would never do that.

Anyway, in my visit to Arki I didn’t encounter any prof (yet), and all the students hanging around are all unfamiliar (the last batch that I got to know had already graduated). I did take a few snapshots before I left, and outside there was the little fishball (etc) stand of Ate Vicky!

Guess what? She still knew me! That totally made my day. Ate Vicky and her snacks was our staple food for my batch’s last year in Arki. That’s because she’s the only one we had. Not that her food tasted bad, it was borne out of necessity and later it was our choice spot for afternoon lounging.

I bought a bottle of C2 and said goodbye, and I’ll be seeing you, before making my way home. I’m happy. So far so good!Image011

The courtyard hasn’t changed much, the “rebulto” (tall, rectangular thing at the upper right) is still there, unchanged.


My favorite part of Arki


Ate Vicky’s


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