estudyante redux

back to school in 3….2….1….

busy, busy, busy! 11 July 2009

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Work is catching up on me:

ID 24 Handouts and Group report on Indian architecture and interiors

ID24 Motifs plate – 12 Ethnic, 6 Spanish Colonial & 6 American Colonial motifs drawn and rendered on watercolor paper

ID114 Chairs plate – 10 20th Century chairs (from Arts & Crafts to 1990’s)  with description on 15×20″ board, mixed media rendering

ID114 advance reading – furniture and interiors of Ancient civilizations: Egypt, Greece and Rome

ID10 Scrapbook – depicting the 7 educative goals of the College of Home Economics and relating them to Interior Design

UP Design Core application – progressive

Whew! And that’s just the academic/UP-related stuff! I still have volunteer tutorial and the occasional sideline. Busy, busy, busy!


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