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A wolf in sheep’s clothing 6 July 2009

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subtitle: The Non-freshie attends orientation

As per advice of my ID 10 prof, coincidentally the new dean of CHE, I attended the college freshman orientation at Gusali 2. I had to miss my tutorial session because of it (my dad took over, thankfully), so I’m hoping it won’t be such a waste of time. Actually I wanted to go to the University orientation just to see how different things have been since I was a real freshie. But since I missed that, college orientation should be the next best thing.

I was actually early, so I used my time searching for some homework stuff at the CHE Library. By 10 I went to Gusali 2 and I was hearing voices as I approached the building. Apparently they’ve already started. I signed up at registration, got my orientation booklet thing and went inside. A professor was introducing FLCD to the group. As the show progressed I realized that each department had a prepared presentation and they were shown in alphabetical order. That means I just missed the CTID presentation, which would be first on the list. (DOH)

Oh well, so I missed some parts. It’s fine. At the moment, I was more concerned with some other things, one of which was deciding if I should apply for the ID student org, Design Core. Some members of the said org were seated behind me so I asked if they were still accepting applications. Thankfully, yes, they did. Their supposed deadline was actually July 3 (Friday), but I sort of forgot because I was too excited for jamming. But they said they’re going to have another applicants’ orientation that afternoon. YAY!

By now it’s sort of obvious that I’ve already decided to join. I don’t see anything bad about joining an org. It’s a venue for meeting other ID students, I get to be involved in school and org activities, and I get to have an official tambayan. Another plus is that DC members have the privilege of automatically being affiliated with the PIID-SAB.

So after the freshman orientation and the sponsored Jollibee lunch, we waited for 1pm and the DC and freshie group moved to IDS 122 for what they called an Alternative Block Class, or ABC. I’m still not clear on what that exactly is, but the DC people said that frehies were required to attend so I went along with it. Well, technically I still am a freshie of the college, though I’m not so fresh in the university.

Yeah, so I’m a shy person. I would rarely be the one to approach a stranger first, so I haven’t exactly spoken to any of the other freshmen yet. I kept to myself, but when I overheard that the second year applicants would come as well, I smiled inwardly because at least there would be some people I could talk to. Those second years soon arrived one by one. They’re my classmates in two subjects so they already knew me as “ate”, the one who already graduated from Arki. At least I’m becoming more comfortable with them enough to take a seat among them and chat.

In a nutshell what happened there that afternoon was a video presentation with short talks about the organization and what to expect in application. They gave us (the freshies) a brouchure-type flyer with helpful terms and tips an ID student needs to know. Unfortunately I lost mine somewhere. While reading through it I had flashbacks of the flyers, posters and sigsheets I used to design and make as Publicity Committee head for ASAPHIL-UP.

Finally, the applicants were made to line up and pick a piece of paper from a bag. Written on it were the codename and cell number of our supposed buddy. The task was to “stalk” that person, find out who they are, and get to know them within the week. I’ve sent a message to that number introducing myself and what I’m supposed to do, but I haven’t received a response yet. *sigh* I hope this “Majinbu” person doesn’t give me a hard time.

*sorry, no orientation photos today. I used up my camera battery while taking photos of the stuff I was researching onthis morning, i.e. I’m being stingy and doesn’t want to pay for photocopying


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