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Applause, applause! 2 July 2009

Filed under: class,internets,plate — Sara @ 21:17

Class was really sleepy in the beginning. We watched part two of the Philippine architecture video thing, and all those Spanish terms for building types made me more bored instead of laughing over the lisp-y pronunciations.

Afterwards, though, we were called by group to present/defend the houses we made last meeting. Our group was called third or fourth, I think. In the previous groups they began by showing the features of the house and how it’s used, then our prof asks the class for comments or critique, and she gives her own two cents as well, finally she thanks the group and the class applauds. But after we presented our little house with the many dual functions and walls and windows you can open to your liking, everybody suddenly applauded! Haha It was either they liked our house so much or they wanted us to go away already. Thankfully, it was the former.

We were happy with our little accomplishment and we gained some praise from our professor and classmates. That second part of the class was entertaining and funny, and all together light-hearted.

The thunder was already rumbling and it was really dark by the time we finished and thankfully I was able to get to Alonzo Hall before the rain started. Not thankfully, though, it was pouring by the time I went to the CHE library which was in a detached building. My sandals and legs got wet, but still I’m pretty thankful that I chose to wear a skirt today because if I had worn jeans they’d be soggy by then.

The reason why I went to the library wasn’t to do any research (although I could’ve). I wanted to try out the Dilnet WiFi there. It was pretty easy to setup so I didn’t have any trouble. Soon, I was checking my mail, plurking, catching up on webcomics, and searching for books on iLib. It was a win for me, despite my wet shoes and cold feet, and deserves another round of applause for today.


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