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The long and short of it 1 July 2009

Filed under: age,class,STFAP — Sara @ 22:21

Class was meh. Discussion, discussion until the Bauhaus period. Some of my classmates are talking to me now, though, which is nice because that means I’m making friends. One of them asked, “ate, ilang taon ka na? (How old are you?)” Once again I said 25 even though I’m still a full 2 months away from that age. Anyway, she answered to that “Di ka nga mukhang twenty pa (you don’t even look twenty).” Though it was a common remark, it was flattering. 😀 Even if I’m a lot older than my classmates, at least I don’t look it.

After class, I finally decided to go to Vinzons Hall to inquire about that STFAP thing. Thanks to the banner in the lobby, I found out that the office handling concerns about student finances could be found at room 303. I went there, and after some time waiting, somebody asked me what I needed. I explained my situation and eventually found out that 2nd degree takers (except those taking Law or Medicine) aren’t eligible for STFAP. Okay. Thinking about it, it’s pretty logical to begin with. Taking a second degree is a choice, not a requirement. If somebody decides to go back to college, it means that she/he must have the (financial) capacity to afford further education. Now this puts the final word on my problem. I’ve been trying to solve my Income Tax Return thing for this but as it turns out, I wasn’t even qualified in the first place. Well, looking on the bright side, it’s one less thing to worry about. On the darker side of things, that just puts more pressure on me to generate moolah to pay for tuition. The dream of me moving out and renting a place near the campus is fading away fast.


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