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Unnecessary spending for Making houses 30 June 2009

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After my first class, my India groupmates (who were also my classmates here) approached me and we were talking about our famous classmate who was also a freshie in ID. The conversation led to the materials we were supposed to bring for our second class. DOH I totally forgot to bring mine! We were supposed to bring thin wire, pliers and measuring tape. I totally forgot to buy wire, but the other two items I had at home and in my rush to get to school this morning I absolutely forgot to bring them.

My solution? Go to the mall and buy all of the stuff at the hardware. YES, I bought new long nose pliers and a 3-meter steel measuring tape, and a roll of wire. More unnecessary spending for me! Way to go!

Despite this, my remorse at my forgetfulness (which led to lost money) was almost made up by the activity that we did with those materials: we had to group in threes and make a house out of natural materials. The wire was only to be used for tying things together. After our prof explained what we were to do, the whole class went out and picked up leaves, twigs, stones and anything we thought useful to our little houses. Though all of the groups were still constructing well past the 3pm time limit, our group finished the earliest. At first our design felt simplistic and unsatisfactory, the more we progressed with the build, the more we loved it until we finally finished and started taking photos of the house. We were so amused by the things we invented to make it work, like the “La-Door” which was basically a door that swung open and double-acted as a ladder.

Here’s pics!


everything’s closed (yes, that’s a black trash bag behind it)


fish/meat drying rack and the “La-Door” is opened!


another view

otherother groups’ work (the others weren’t finished yet)


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