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Recitation day 26 June 2009

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I haven’t finished reading!

I wasn’t the only one, though. Most of my classmates haven’t finished, and those who have merely scanned and didn’t digest the information much, so that’s some sort of consolation. One highlight though was the return of our plates. I got an Uno on my first plate, FTW!


With the distribution of plates, we were also given our copies of the class syllabus and that’s where we discovered that our discussion of 20th Century furniture would span three weeks! Whew! That meant that we didn’t really have to finish the entirety of the readings. Ma’am Faustino called us randomly and she asked each of us a question. Some were relatively easy, some answers had to be explained/elaborated, but it all depends on what you’ve read and how much you understood. We only reached up to Art Nouveau, but ma’am made us copy a whole lot of terms and long definitions. Bleh. I’m just gonna copy them at the source book.

But the uno is still WIN!


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