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Suddenly early 25 June 2009

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I woke up past 8 but 15 minutes later I was ready to go to school, even though my class was at 1pm. I didn’t exactly plan to be this early, but I figured I could use the time to photocopy the readings for ID 114 and read. So when I got to CHE I went straight to the department to borrow the readings to be photocopied. It’s a lot O_o but it’s not something I have a choice with.

Since I didn’t have time to have breakfast at home, I went to the Tea Room (or was it Tea House?) downstairs and ordered Figaro coffee to go with my Reno  liver spread on whole wheat bread sandwiches I brought (I can’t decide if this breakfast is healthy or not LOL). I finished one of the three readings there, but when I found that some pages of the third reading were totally unreadable I went to the library to look for the book. Thankfully our prof wrote down the book sources so I was able to locate it pretty easily through the (quite impressive) iLib site which replaced the old OPAC system and you can reserve books online and borrow them through your electronic library card (something I’ve yet to learn).

Anyway, so I re-copied the pages that were unreadable and continued my reading until I left before 12 because the CHE lib would be closing. I moved to the main lib, but I didn’t get to read much more and it was nearing class time. I walked back to CHE and went to my classroom, but not before buying a snack and drink because I haven’t had lunch yet. I got to read a little bit more until our prof came in.

Ma’am Quevedo made us move the tables to the sides and arrange the chairs in the middle because we were going to watch a video. My two groupmates who are also from arki groaned behind me. They’ve already seen that video (apparently it’s a series) from their history classes. I haven’t seen it because it’s relatively new. It’s okay, since it gives an overview in an interesting format. But it’s not very in-depth. I guess that’s where the class discussion comes in. Besides, these audio-visual things are supposed to be supplements, not replacements.

Once a gain we’re dismissed early and after talking with my groupmates about our meeting on monday, I got to leave. Thankfully it didn’t rain again.


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