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Plate #1 in class: finished! 24 June 2009

Filed under: chair,class,furniture,plate — Sara @ 21:20

I came in to class that morning with a doubt in my mind. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure that our prof said we’d finish the plates in class and not at home.

I was the earliest there, so when some other classmates came in I asked them, just to be sure. Thankfully, yes, we were supposed to finishe them during class. whew.

When ma’am Faustino came in she took a look at each student’s unfinished work and gave the go signal to start finishing up our plates. All I had was the title block and a thin outline of the chair I chose to draw so I had a lot of things to do. First up, lettering. I wrote down my prepared write-up describing the Cesca Armchair. Next was the woven cane on the seat and the back. That was a pain. I didn’t get the perfect look, but it was okay, I guess. And then I had to do the wooden frames and arms. I used a #2 pencil, and tried maybe two to three shading techniques until it became a muss-up of stuff which turned out to be fine. Finally I had to deal with the chrome parts. I copied the dark parts and shading from the reference photo, but it still didn’t look right. Suddenly I had this spark and put some thin streak lines all over and it made the metal parts a lot better and shinier. Yay! I stalled a little time and when I finally had the confidence to pass my work I did. A few moments later ma’am showed some of the works and I got complimented! Wahuu~ not bad for someone without good practice, right?

Of course I took a photo of my work before I passed it (reference photo at the bottom left).



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