estudyante redux

back to school in 3….2….1….

things unplanned 23 June 2009

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I got lost again! I got to CHE right on time and went straight to room 203 (after freshening up in the washroom, of course) for my ID 10 class. Last week it was posted there that our first class would be on June 23 (today). But… but…. where is the class now? Though the door was open, nobody was inside. Thank s to quick thinking, I went to CIDL where the class is originally supposed to be. Surprise, surprise! The room was full and they had already begun to discuss the syllabus.

No harm done, I found a seat and the prof continued, unflustered by my entrance. ID 10: Introduction to Interior Design, conducted by none other than the new CHE dean, Prof. Adelaida Mayo. She seems very nice, and she encourages students to speak up and be comfortable to give their opinions. Through a slideshow presentation, we were given the definition of Interior Design (as told by PIID, plus further explanations. All throughout, ma’am Mayo stresses the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration, which is probably the most misunderstood part of this profession.

Anyway, we have homework! I’mma gonna work on it tomorrow because I’ve already wasted the rest of this day on TV and internets.

We were dismissed at around 10 and since I had some time I figured I should pay a visit to the CTID department head ma’am Florendo. She’s my aunt’s friend and the one who advised me taking up undergrad instead of masteral. I introduced myself properly, mentioning my tita, of course, since that’s our common factor. She was nice, asking me what I thought of the course so far, although our conversation was shorter than I had wanted. Oh well, at least she’s met me. I can talk to her more freely next time.

After a lovely lunch that has acquired me a new Bloo toy, I went back to CIDL for my second class, ID 24. Ma’am Quevedo gave us seat assignments based on surname, so even though I wasn’t called yet, I stood at the back because I knew I would be one of the last. I got my seat near the giant industrial fan by the door. It was fine since it wouldn’t be warm in my spot, but the darned thing was LOUD! And our prof’s voice was so soft, it’s hard to hear at times.

Our discussion covered the factors that affect the evolution of styles in the Asian continent. For me the major factors would be religion, trade and colonization, although there are other factors of course, which depend on the history or development of each country. These would be discussed during our group reports. India group (i.e. mine) has a new member! We adopted one of the newcomers in the class to add to our workforce.

As if the industrial fan weren’t enough to impede my hearing, the rain just had to pour. And pour it did. And even though we were dismissed early, I left CIDL at the time the class was scheduled to finish. And since nobody else was going anywhere, I got to chat with my groupmates who are fellow ex-Architecture students (plus our new groupmate who is not) until the rain ran into a weak spot and we got to leave.

While I was walking the rain acted up again and I was literally laughing at myself for being in that situation. When I got in a Philcoa jeep I suddenly remembered that I had planned on going to the mall to buy some stuff. Then again, I didn’t want to go somewhere air conditioned while being this wet so I decided to go home and buy my stuff tomorrow. Finally I got home to dry my wet feet.


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