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Pinoys like pictures better than text 19 June 2009

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Back in my 8 AM class, I got in just before the supposed time which was great considering I took public transportation and walked all the way across the university from Central to CHE. As I mentioned before, five minutes after stepping out of the room I totally forgot what we were supposed to be discussing today. Therefore, I didn’t read ahead. And apparently so did the rest of the class.

Anyway, after a small reprimand and another reminder to read ahead and be prepared before class, Ma’am Faustino set up her visuals and presented us with a (very lengthy) presentation: Overview of the history of furniture. Same as the history of Western Architecture, the historical periods were the same, so it’s not as if I’m at a loss during the discussion. I could still pipe in a comment or two when asked, though I should still reread some notes and books I have at home.

After the slide show, each of us were made to recite one thing that we learned from the class. That’s good. We learned something!

This time I was determined not to forget the topic for next meeting. I had my pen and paper at the ready… and guess what? We’ll have a plate next meeting! We have to get a reference photo of a chair from history (from Ancient times to 21st century) that we like and ink it on an A4 sheet with a description and title block. The thing is, we could begin our plates at home, but we will do it in class as well. I’m just not too clear as to how much we can do at home and how long do we have next meeting to finish them? Huh. I don’t know. I guess I’ll just find out then.


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