estudyante redux

back to school in 3….2….1….

something I didn’t think of before 18 June 2009

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Day three of back-to-school yields one afternoon class, some time waiting, a move to the next classroom (because the assigned one turns out to be too small), and YES a professor appears! It’s Ma’am Quevedo, the one who interviewed me when I was applying for the course!

ID 24: History of Philippine and Asian Interiors. After a roll call the prof began to discuss the subject coverage when she noticed some seniors outside and called them in. They were members of UP Design Core, the official student organization of UP Interior Design. They were recruiting new members from the class, and distributed flyers and application forms.

To tell the truth, I absolutely haven’t thought of joining an ID org… or any org, for that matter. I was probably thinking too much of getting a part-time job or some means of income that I totally forgot about orgs. But now that the idea has been presented to me, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea. I’m not a stranger to orgs, with Archi having a total of EIGHT orgs in my time (that’s a lot considering the small population of our college) and I have been a member of one since my first year (the reason for my surprise when I found out that my classmates who are in 2nd year already haven’t joined the org). It’s a great venue to get to know your colleagues (particularly the upperclassmen), you can showcase your talents in a non-classroom setting, and you get to have an official place to hang out. Apparently our prof was the adviser of Design Core so she encourages everybody to join.

I took an application form. It just might do me some good to join.

Back to class, our Ma’am Quevedo continued the discussion, having us review the periods in the history of Western art and architecture, something that 2nd year ID students are supposed to have studied last semester (and I have already studied years ago in Architectural History class). In relation to that, Asia was also developing its culture, art, architecture, and interiors. We identified Asian countries (remembers Araling Panlipunan, 2nd year high school), listed some of the more interesting ones, and our prof had us volunteer for reports on the countries. Somehow I ended up being assigned to India with two other members, both of them shiftees from Archi. I spoke to them after class, introductions, blah, and of course I unwittingly revealed again my second-degree status.

While walking on the way home, I suddenly felt…… old. For the first time in my life I thought of myself as old. I’ve never worried about my age because my looks didn’t betray it. I felt that there was a humongous age gap that I will have to conquer during my lifespan in this college, and that fact is inescapable.

I know it’s mostly crazy talk, but still I felt it. I just hope it won’t affect my moods very much.



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