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Expect Nothing 16 June 2009

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Just as I had experienced it years ago, sem in and sem out, expect nothing to happen in school for the first few days to a week, particularly in major classes. The GE professors tend to be more punctual, but since this time around (almost) all my classes are majors, expect ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Sure enough, it’s true. A note on the door saved me from wasting time waiting for my ID 10 prof.

no class

…Which led me to four hours to waste until the next scheduled class. I figured I could use this time wisely and look for the “Annex III IDS 122A”, which was the venue for my 8am class tomorrow. Better find out now instead of getting lost early next morning, right? I found it without much trouble, thanks to Ate Tess and the direction of a helpful man who asked if I was lost. As it turns out, Annex III IDS was the row of studio classrooms that I’ve visited with my groupmates for one of my Archi plates. (I actually used an image of one of the murals with an artwork of mine)

Also, in the using time wisely department, I decided to get myself a new ID card now. But it’s not that easy, really. First I had to pay the 130-peso fee (it’s one price in UP that didn’t change! WOOT!) and then get my schedule for photo-taking and I wait. In the meantime, I could get a temporary ID from the library of my college whose effectivity ends on the day of my shedule. I went to the OUR to pay 130 and got my schedule at the guard (August 3?! WTF). That went relatively fast. I was finished in less than an hour. I couldn’t get a temporary ID yet because I forgot to bring a 1×1 photo. That’ll have to wait, then. For now I still had three hours. Where can I stay to use up my time?

I ended up at The Chocolate Kiss…. walking. I had planned on getting my usual: a pot of tea and a devil’s food cake. But my pragmatism kicked in. LOL At a place like this? Yeah. Anyway I did order a pot of tea, but instead of cake I got Beef tapa and skipped the dessert. So I didn’t spend too much.noms

I left with a full stomach and a lighter wallet, with just enough time for me to walk back to the college for my 1pm class. I did notice in my stay at the Kiss that a lot of students were eating there, despite the restaurant prices. That’s just another proof of the reality: more and more of the UP population are well-off. Of course there were still the age-old Lutong Bahay and Lutong Kapitbahay across the street, and the fishball and footlong stands and the Coop canteens, but the customers have changed.

I got to the CIDL a little earlier than 1pm, sat down, and waited. I struggled to catch a spot where my phone got a signal, put on my earphones and wrote a bit on my dressed-up journal, while other students walked in the room. Our population reached 11 persons (including me) by 2pm, but still no sign of a prof. We left.

I walked all the way to the other end of the campus to catch a ride home at Central, instead of going to Philcoa and riding another jeepney there. It saves me about 10 pesos one-way. I got home pretty early so I decided to start on the sideline I got yesterday (which is due Thursday, which also explains the lack of activity here for the first week of classes), but I didn’t stay up too late because tomorrow begins early.

Will my Expect Nothing theory still be upheld? Let’s wake up early and see 🙂


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