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chaos part deux+enlightenment 3 June 2009

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Once again first thing in the morning I knew what I had to do. First I had to go to CTID and have ate Tess enlist my ID classes. Despite the many people waiting outside the door, it was finished in five minutes, probably because students only went inside to write their names on a list and went back out to wait for their names to be called. It made for less chaos, really. She told me to enlist for my MST class and come back to my adviser to get a form 5. Okay. I wanted to get Marine Science 1 whose schedule sat nicely in my schedule. I didn’t care to look at the other GE schedules because I had my mind set. I decided to walk to the Marine Science Institute.

While walking I was already thinking of school days, of how I would have my Wednesday-Friday lunch at the College of Science Building canteen (the stir-fry is made of WIN!), and how I could walk around campus or maybe even jog, if the weather permits. When I got to MSI, I asked the guard where the enlistment room for MS 1 was.

“Ay, sarado na po! Sampung slots lang ang kinuha kanina.” (Oh, it’s closed! They only took in ten slots.)

Great. I asked if there isn’t any chance of an opening. He said I could try at 1pm, they might open another ten slots, but it’s first come, first served. Ha. I thanked the guard and walked back up the street. Then I realized that some of the other GE subjects I could enlist in were nearby so I went back, first to DEEE (or EEEI) building to try out EEE 10. After a little asking around, I found that the classes were full.

Next I went to NIGS for Geology 1. There were class schedules posted on the board and I found two classes that were to my liking (in terms of time). I wrote them down. I walked around, looking for some enlistment room or sign that could lead me there. When I found none, I went back to the lobby and asked the guard. He told me there is no enlistment room (something about the matrix? LOL) and I was supposed to go to the professors listed and they are the ones who would enlist me in their class. I went back to the class schedules and wrote down the professors. Having noted the names, I bothered the guard once again and asked him where I could find these professors. He did give their room numbers, but both weren’t in yet. I went back inside and looked at the enrolment procedure posted beside the class lists. Finally I understood. Enrolment procedures have changed since my time!

Before, if you didn’t get any pre-enlisted classes, or if you ignored CRS altogether, you could just line up at the enlistment rooms/areas per college and wait/muscle/raffle your way to getting enlisted. There were a lot of slots saved for on-the-spot enlistment. It was a bit of a hassle, but it was okay. Now you had to look for the professors handling the classes and asking them personally to add you to their class list.

So that’s why I read enlisting by prerogative so much recently. If you wanted to add subjects to your pre-enlisted ones, you apply for those classes as if you were applying for prerog, which, before, was done by attending the first day of your preferred class and asking the professor to add you then and there.

That did it. I don’t want to do this procedure. I could take my MST some other semester anyway, so that’s just what I’m going to do. I walked back to CHE and asked my adviser to cancel the MST in my Form 5A so I could finish my enrolment. Although she tried to convince me to take two GE classes just so I wouldn’t be underloaded (she had me mixed up with a graduating student running for honors), she gave me a form 5.

There weren’t any proper places to sit down and write, so I went to the enlistment room (where Kuya Sam was) and wrote on my Form 5, although I was a bit unsure about some parts (I was still a lost little girl). I kept consulting my phone where I wrote down the procedure list:

Form 5A


Library Clearance


Payment of student fees




Next up is Library Clearance. I asked Ate Tess. She wasn’t too sure, but she told me Library clearance was at Records and I should try Room 203 for the pre-checking. Okay. I went to the records section. I asked a guy lined up at window 2, “Excuse me, saan kumukuha ng library clearance?” I think I asked nicely.

He answered, in an annoying tone, “Sa library.”

Well DUH, of course. “Saan po yung library?”

As he was telling me the way to the CHE library, I suddenly remembered where it was. I’ve been there. I’ve had a tour there before. I’ve done research there for thesis before. Sheesh. I totally forgot. I thanked the slightly annoying guy and I made my way down, out and around to the library. I got the “Cleared” stamps and signatures without a hitch. Next up, room 203.

I made my way back upstairs and entered the lovely, lovely Room 203. A nice girl asked me for my form 5A, and when she saw that I haven’t validated my classes yet, she directed me to the Validation table. My ID classes were verified and the lady said I could get my form 5 from my adviser. I told her I already have it, and she asked if I had had it signed, I said no and she said I should do that first and come back here.

Wow. That was the most purposeful and direct thing I’ve been asked to do. I was so happy that I knew exactly what I was going to do and where, also what and where I was going next.

After getting my form 5 signed I went back to 203 and gave my form 5A to the nice girl, I’ve paid my student fee (20 pesos), and had my form 5 pre-checked and checked. Finally I could go on to assessment.

Here’s where I would learn how much tuition I was due. I was asked what income bracket I was in. Ha. Was I supposed to know that? The lady explained to me that if I were bracket B, I would pay 1,000 per unit. If I were bracket A, my tuition would be 1,500 per unit. Oh rly? I didn’t know tuition was that high already! Since I wasn’t sure, she gave me forms to fill out and have my parents sign. That means they couldn’t assess my fees until I’ve established my income bracket. That means I have to go home and have my folks sign this form in triplicate. That means I’ll have to go back tomorrow. Oh, well. Last two steps to go: Assessment and Payment. That shouldn’t be too difficult to do, especially since I’m not a lost little girl anymore.

This is the lesson I’ve learned today: CRS is god. If you don’t pre-enlist online, you are condemned to eternity running around the campus looking for ephemeral professors and classes.


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