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the chaos isn’t just in my head 2 June 2009

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I knew exactly what I was going to do when I get to CHE. Go to window 4, give my Admission slip, Medical certificate and 2 copies of info sheet to ma’am Lina. And that was exactly what I did. Well, after falling in line and waiting. So I passed my requirements, I clarified some questions I’ve been meaning to ask, like “Can I take up a GE class not under MST?” and “Do I have to take up MTS/CWTS?” The answer was No to both questions (thankfully for the latter). She made me photocopy some papers and after giving back the original, she gave me my copy with other forms attached stating my student status and other information, all to be given to my department.

After that I could now go to CTID for advising. I entered the door and there was a plethora of humans inside. I’m not kidding. Besides the people standing, sitting, waiting, talking loudly outside, there were more inside, which seemed to be just normal for everybody there. I approached the secretary/all-around help ate Tess and she found time to answer some of my questions (I wasn’t able to ask all of them due to the chaos) and give me a Form 5A (albeit blank because I wasn’t able to pre-enlist online) to place in my student file folder which I was to take along with me while I wait. Oh, and write your name on the list.

I took my folder, wrote my name, stood there and waited. People were coming and going, Ate Tess was already doing something else and talking to other people, somebody was asking what number is it already, this guy beside me has claimed a hundred times that he was next up for Ma’am Quevedo. I didn’t know what to do. I went outside looked around. I saw this big blackboard with enrollment procedure instructions posted on it so I read that. It didn’t really go into much detail, but it refreshed my memory a little. I went back to the CTID area.

I sat down and waited. I fiddled with my cellphone. I listened to conversations. I people-watched. After maybe 15 minutes (likely less) I went back inside. Still the same scenario. I asked who Ma’am Faustino, my supposed adviser, was. I got my answer. I stood and waited. Then I went out again.

More waiting and doing the same thing until I went back inside the department again. This time, it wasn’t so full anymore! I asked who was up for Ms. Faustino and I found out that I was just 3 names down the list. Just a few more to go, I guess. And since it wasn’t so chaotic this time, I decided to wait inside. I also got into a nice conversation with a nice lady who was graduating this year. She also told me that since today was prioritized for Freshmen and Graduating students, it’s not as crazy as the regular advising/enlistment procedure (procedure? What procedure??).

Finally, I was up. Ma’am Faustino was nice, and she answered my questions and told me what I needed to know. She gave me a rough outline of the distribution of my classes, which, unfortunately, still ended up as four years. I asked her if there were any subjects I could advance I would take them. She said I was eligible for that, but that all depends on the class schedules because these may conflict, so I should check with the schedules first. Finally, advising finished. Now I could enlist my subjects.

Uh…where do I enlist, exactly? I did see a door earlier with “Enlistment Room” posted on it, so I guess that’s where I should go. Upon talking to the server-in-charge (Kuya Sam), apparently, ID subjects should be enlisted at CTID with Ate Tess. Oh. That makes a little sense. But then I wanted to check the schedules first so I asked to use a computer to access the CRS site. That’s where I found out that the ID subjects I could advance isn’t possible due to schedule conflict, but I did find out that I could take HE 100.

I went back to my adviser to have her add HE 100 to my list of subjects on the Form 5A. At least this much I remember from my old experience with enlistment. It has to be approved by the adviser and written on Form 5A before you could enlist in a subject. Apparently now, that wasn’t the case. I had to enlist it first and then that’s when I could have it signed by my adviser and then she would give me my form 5. Okay, I first asked Tess to enlist me but she said that I was a Transferee so I could only be enlisted tomorrow (i.e. I’m not counted in the priority Freshmen & Graduating, which explains the “REGULAR” written on my 5A that I didn’t notice before). Okay. Since ID subjects were for tomorrow, I guess I could go enlist my HE 100. I went back to Kuya Sam and asked him to enlist me. FAIL. He told me to go to the professor of the class I wanted and I was supposed to have her enlist me into her class. I went looking for her, and as luck would have it, I found the room she was in and after grabbing her attention, waiting for her to attend to me (she was deep in conversation with another prof), and finally having her sit down with me, I found out that she wasn’t teaching that class anymore and she doesn’t know who her substitute would be. She suggested I just go there on the first day of classes and have the yet-unknown substitute prof prerog-enlist me.

That does it. I was dissatisfied. Can I help it if I keep on comparing this with my old experiences? That’s half of what this blog is about. One is logging my new experiences, and Two is comparing them with my old ones. In this case, I am missing the organization and systematic methods of the Architecture Registration Corps (ARC). I have been appreciative of their efforts before and I have even applied to become part of it (though I didn’t make the cut). In CHE, there isn’t ANY inkling of registration assistants of any kind. Sure there was the big blackboard I mentioned earlier, there was Kuya Sam, there was Ate Tess (and her counterpart in every CHE department), but what else? They were all busy tending to their responsibilities. Where does one lost little girl with a special case like me ask questions? It was all very difficult.

In my frustration I stormed off to get myself an order of KFC Meltz (without the “tangy BBQ sauce”) and a tall, Dark Mocha Frappuccino (no whipped cream, no Java chips) just so I get the satisfaction of getting things all to my exact specifications.

I can only hope that tomorrow will be a more manageable (less looping) enlistment for me (and for the rest of the college, too).


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