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physically fit 1 June 2009

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Today’s the day I can finally finish my Medical requirements. Well, I have to if I want to have my advising tomorrow. Thanks to my mom whose daily route to work passes by UP, I could hitch a ride with her to the Infirmary. She dropped me off across the street and I noticed that there were no more people (or tables) at the tents. Ha. Maybe they moved inside. But asking would have to wait. I went straight downstairs to the X-ray & Ultrasound section to claim my x-ray results, after two working days as indicated by the claim stub stapled to my medical forms. I look in the window and…whoops! Nobody’s there. The lady waiting outside said the person stepped out. Okay, so I sat down to wait. Another person showed up but still nobody in the office. Finally a doctor who has his nephew with him (a freshman) went looking for a person to talk to because apparently there was some mix-up in his x-ray. He was the one who got people moving. But since they were all attending to the doctor’s request, we normal people had to line up and wait. Eventually I got my film and my X-ray request form with “Radiologically healthy lungs” stamped on it.

I went back upstairs to the “Triage” or the front desk to ask where I could get my Physical Exam. I went to the right place. She took my forms, stapled them properly and gave me a number and directed me to Room 10. There were already some people waiting for their turn. I had small talk with the persons who spoke to me, including a talkative freshie whose dream course was ID but was afraid of Math, so he took up Mass Communications instead. To my left was Room 7 which I learned from people-watching that everybody would go to after they’ve seen their respective doctors. That’s the room where I should get the coveted Medical Certificate.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Physical Exams of the ones before me (including MassComm freshie) went pretty quickly. They took about 10-15 minutes each so I didn’t have to worry about getting the Lunch break cut-off. It was just my luck that the one before me was a consultation, not a PE. That means looooooooonger time with the doctor. But eventually, finally, it was my turn.

The doctor was nice enough, she was systematic and to the point, instructing me on what to do so we could finish as fast as we could. I couldn’t blame her for bitching about her cut-off number. She must be sick of all these people day in and day out asking for her approval and signature to complete the requirements for getting into the University. I wanted to console her, but at the same time I wanted to get out of there as quick as possible.

I got my forms and made my way across the hall to Room 7. I gave the papers to one guy who made me sit and wait. I waited, I people-watched again (this application procedure gives me a lot of opportunities to do just that), and finally my name is called. I’m given the green paper deeming me “Physically Fit”. yay!

Physically Fit


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