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Unnecessary spending for Making houses 30 June 2009

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After my first class, my India groupmates (who were also my classmates here) approached me and we were talking about our famous classmate who was also a freshie in ID. The conversation led to the materials we were supposed to bring for our second class. DOH I totally forgot to bring mine! We were supposed to bring thin wire, pliers and measuring tape. I totally forgot to buy wire, but the other two items I had at home and in my rush to get to school this morning I absolutely forgot to bring them.

My solution? Go to the mall and buy all of the stuff at the hardware. YES, I bought new long nose pliers and a 3-meter steel measuring tape, and a roll of wire. More unnecessary spending for me! Way to go! (more…)


Library computer use FAIL!

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Maybe I was too cautious to ask, but I saw that there was a colored printer right after I had already printed my paper in grayscale.  Asking for assistance FAIL. Oh well, the photo is clear, albeit gray, so it still conveys its idea. Plus, my prof didn’t complain about it when I passed my homework so I guess it was fine.


group meeting 29 June 2009

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After my tutorial class I went to the CHE Tea Room to meet with my groupmates in ID 24 to talk about how we’re going to do our report on India. Uh, it was just about an hour and we didn’t do anything conclusive so HAHA for us. But at least there’s a little progress. Afterwards I met up with my boyfriend and we watched Transformers 2 :Þ


Recitation day 26 June 2009

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I haven’t finished reading!

I wasn’t the only one, though. Most of my classmates haven’t finished, and those who have merely scanned and didn’t digest the information much, so that’s some sort of consolation. One highlight though was the return of our plates. I got an Uno on my first plate, FTW!


With the distribution of plates, we were also given our copies of the class syllabus and that’s where we discovered that our discussion of 20th Century furniture would span three weeks! Whew! That meant that we didn’t really have to finish the entirety of the readings. Ma’am Faustino called us randomly and she asked each of us a question. Some were relatively easy, some answers had to be explained/elaborated, but it all depends on what you’ve read and how much you understood. We only reached up to Art Nouveau, but ma’am made us copy a whole lot of terms and long definitions. Bleh. I’m just gonna copy them at the source book.

But the uno is still WIN!


Suddenly early 25 June 2009

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I woke up past 8 but 15 minutes later I was ready to go to school, even though my class was at 1pm. I didn’t exactly plan to be this early, but I figured I could use the time to photocopy the readings for ID 114 and read. So when I got to CHE I went straight to the department to borrow the readings to be photocopied. It’s a lot O_o but it’s not something I have a choice with.

Since I didn’t have time to have breakfast at home, I went to the Tea Room (or was it Tea House?) downstairs and ordered Figaro coffee to go with my Reno  liver spread on whole wheat bread sandwiches I brought (I can’t decide if this breakfast is healthy or not LOL). I finished one of the three readings there, but when I found that some pages of the third reading were totally unreadable I went to the library to look for the book. Thankfully our prof wrote down the book sources so I was able to locate it pretty easily through the (quite impressive) iLib site which replaced the old OPAC system and you can reserve books online and borrow them through your electronic library card (something I’ve yet to learn).

Anyway, so I re-copied the pages that were unreadable and continued my reading until I left before 12 because the CHE lib would be closing. I moved to the main lib, but I didn’t get to read much more and it was nearing class time. I walked back to CHE and went to my classroom, but not before buying a snack and drink because I haven’t had lunch yet. I got to read a little bit more until our prof came in.

Ma’am Quevedo made us move the tables to the sides and arrange the chairs in the middle because we were going to watch a video. My two groupmates who are also from arki groaned behind me. They’ve already seen that video (apparently it’s a series) from their history classes. I haven’t seen it because it’s relatively new. It’s okay, since it gives an overview in an interesting format. But it’s not very in-depth. I guess that’s where the class discussion comes in. Besides, these audio-visual things are supposed to be supplements, not replacements.

Once a gain we’re dismissed early and after talking with my groupmates about our meeting on monday, I got to leave. Thankfully it didn’t rain again.


Plate #1 in class: finished! 24 June 2009

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I came in to class that morning with a doubt in my mind. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure that our prof said we’d finish the plates in class and not at home.

I was the earliest there, so when some other classmates came in I asked them, just to be sure. Thankfully, yes, we were supposed to finishe them during class. whew.

When ma’am Faustino came in she took a look at each student’s unfinished work and gave the go signal to start finishing up our plates. All I had was the title block and a thin outline of the chair I chose to draw so I had a lot of things to do. First up, lettering. I wrote down my prepared write-up describing the Cesca Armchair. Next was the woven cane on the seat and the back. That was a pain. I didn’t get the perfect look, but it was okay, I guess. And then I had to do the wooden frames and arms. I used a #2 pencil, and tried maybe two to three shading techniques until it became a muss-up of stuff which turned out to be fine. Finally I had to deal with the chrome parts. I copied the dark parts and shading from the reference photo, but it still didn’t look right. Suddenly I had this spark and put some thin streak lines all over and it made the metal parts a lot better and shinier. Yay! I stalled a little time and when I finally had the confidence to pass my work I did. A few moments later ma’am showed some of the works and I got complimented! Wahuu~ not bad for someone without good practice, right?

Of course I took a photo of my work before I passed it (reference photo at the bottom left).



fun with clothes 23 June 2009

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I seriously liked my clothes today so much that I had to take photos, never mind that I got all wet in the rain going home.

I might continue this, if I’m in the mood for taking photos of myself. I’m not exactly my favorite subject, you know.