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time to ray out the X’s 28 May 2009

Filed under: application,medical — Sara @ 20:10

YES I woke up decently early and got to the Infirmary on time. I slept over at Beth’s place after our dinner out at Trinoma because it was late and my house is so far away and Commonwealth is the playground of speed demons. Anyway, so after a slow wake-up and unintentionally heavy breakfast (I scooped too many rice on my plate and realized it too late), Beth walked me to Kalayaan to ride the jeep to Philcoa then change rides to a UP Campus one. I got to the Infirmary at 8 am, but I forgot to fill out the X-ray request form so I partially filled it out while the Campus jeep was still stationary, and finished it up when I got off.

I was given the number 7, which was cool because I get to finish early, although it was quite a long wait (more than an hour) for a chest x-ray that took 5 seconds. Thankfully this young mother and her 2-year-and-3-month boy waiting beside me were entertaining.

I need to wait two working days until I get my results, and only then can I take the Physical Exam. Geez. I was hoping I didn’t have to go through all this medical stuff anymore. But that’s life, I guess. Besides, even if they did keep my record all these years it’d be totally outdated by now.


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