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medical…WHUT? 27 May 2009

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I finally got to go to CHE again, since it was closed last Monday, and Tuesday so hot I could burst into flames if it weren’t for the sweat I was perpetually producing. My dad dropped me off at the entrance and I wen up the “UP ONLY” stairs to the Records section. After asking, waiting, asking again, I found out that I actually shouldn’t be there and I was supposed to return there on June 2nd after I’ve filled out my info sheets (2 copies from Window 2), activated my CRS account, and gotten my Medical exam.

waitaminit…Medical? GAH. Do I really have to do that again?

Well, it’s not that I’m afraid to go to the doctor, but I didn’t think I needed it again. I mean, I did get my medical when I first enrolled in 2001. Oh, right 2001. That’s practically eight years ago. Fine. Besides, it’s not like I had a say in the matter.

I got my info sheets and made my way to the Infirmary (a.k.a. UHS) to have my Medical exam. there were some tents outside with a sign screaming “NEW FRESHMEN”, so I went there first and asked. The dude at Table 1 (like the home base) made me ask Window 3 inside if they still had my records. They don’t. So I go back outside and dude gives me some forms to fill out (personal info, medical history stuff) and some X-ray requests.

My problem was that I didn’t have 2×2 photos with me. My most recent ones are somewhere out there in the deluge of clutter at home, and the ones I’ve been using for my info sheets were 1×1 photos from 2006 that my dad unearthed from his wallet some time ago. Well, nobody could dispute the fact that I practically still look the same (even my hair lenth, but then again my hair was tied back in the photo), so nobody asked. But my problem was still there. After filling out the forms I went to Florophoto at SC across the street and had my remaining 1×1 repeat-imaged and enlarged (basically colored photocopy) so I didn’t have to have another studio pic. 50 pesos for a bunch of photos. Done. I went back to the Infirmary and stuck on my photo with the pot of glue provided on the form-filling-table.

I passed my accomplished form to the dude at Table 1 and he gave me a number card and passed me on to the tent behind him where I got my height and weight, my blood pressure, and my eyes checked. Back to Table 1 (home base, mothership). I was given another number and was directed to the dental clinic inside the building. There weren’t too many people in line so I finished relatively quickly. I was mentally preparing for what I was going to say if the dentist-in-charge would ask me about the last time I had my teeth checked (ages ago), or my cavities, or my impacted wisdom teeth. But he didn’t even make a sound besides “sige, upo ka na” and “tapos na”.

Back to Table 1 (home base, mothership, headquarters), the next step would be the x-ray and finally the Physical exam. But I learned that they weren’t taking anymore x-rays today because their limit was 30 a day. That sucks. So I have to go back early tomorrow (8 am!), have my x-ray, wait 2 days for the result, and only then can I have my Physical. Fine. I just got on a jeepney to Trinoma and hung around Starbucks and wait for my amigaz.


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