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OUR win, CHE fail 25 May 2009

Filed under: application — Sara @ 19:26

After Friday’s events, I got ready to go back with complete requirements this time. Two filled-out student directory forms, check. Two ID photos, check. Original TOR, check. Other possibly useful items and receipts, check. So once again in the sizzling heat I went off on a mission to finish all the stuff needed to be done before registration on the first week of June.

OUR was pretty easy. Take a number, wait to be called. It was great that it wasn’t hot inside the open-air waiting area. My number was called and I gave the requirements. The lady stapled them together and passed them to the appropriate person, then told me to wait to be called again. After a few minutes I got called again and I finally got my NOA, which was just a half sheet of paper addressed to the dean of CHE indicating that I was eligible to enroll for BSID, and a list of the requirements I passed earlier. I was asked to check if the information is correct, then if it is I could go and give this letter to my respective college.

Yay! I walked rather casually to CHE (approximately 1km, I just realized) only to see the front doors are locked. I talked to the guard and he informed me that the college had a four-day workweek over the summer. Instead of just 8 hours a day for 5 days, they clocked in 10 hours a day (7am-6pm) for 4 days. No wonder nobody was answering the phone one Monday. Oh well, nothing I could do now, so I went home. At least I accomoplished something for today.


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