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No NOA at Reg either 22 May 2009

Filed under: application — Sara @ 18:43

Since I was going out that afternoon anyway, I decided to leave earlier and pass by UP to pay my 50-peso processing fee (to process what, I forgot) and give my “Action of the College” slip which is supposed to let me claim my NOA finally.
So in the brain-melting heat I troop over to the OUR to do just that. Pay processing fee at cashier=done in less than 5 minutes. I walked over next door (or window?) to the Admissions section and asked about my notice of admission, showing the guy my paper thing. He gave me two Student Information Forms to fill out and I’m supposed to submit this with two ID pictures and my Birth Certificate. But wait—he thought to ask if I was from UP previously and I said yes, so he changed the birth certificate requirement to a copy of my TOR. Original, not photocopied. Argh. Of all the days I decided to bring just a photocopy of my transcript it just had to be today. Thankfully I’m not being rushed so I can just go back next week to submit the filled-out forms with the pics and TOR.
After that thing, I went off (still in the hot, hot heat) to Trinoma and file a lost item form for my poor camera, and finally to Mall of Asia to meet up with my boyfriend (of two years today!) and our friends to attend the MTV EXIT event.


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