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No NOA…. yet. 21 May 2009

Filed under: application — Sara @ 21:41

Whut– I was told last tuesday (19th) that I was supposed to go to the CHE Records section today (21st) to get my Notice of Admission. I got a copy of the BSID curriculum with my credited units marked, a slip requiring me to pay some fee, and an “Action of the college” slip to be given to the OUR admissions. Ha. So… where’s my Notice of Admission?

Apparently, upon explanation, I was supposed to pay the 50-peso processing fee and present the “Action of the college” slip at the registrar to get my NOA. After that I should get my medical exam (Gah. I have to go through that again??) and finally go back to CHE Records on June 3 for enlistment. Uh huh. But before that I had other places to go to. So I’ll have to go back to UP tomorrow. Oh, and I’ve been informed that because of the RGEP I’m going to have to get another 3-unit GE class.

On an interesting note, while waiting in line at the Records window, I had a chat with the nice Korean girl beside me. She was going to take up Clothing Tech, so that means we’ll be seeing each other soon because we’ll be under the same department (i.e. CTID). Because she isn’t a Filipino national, she pays a higher rate per unit, which, according to her, would sum up to about the same tuition as her previous school, La Salle. Also, I found it interesting that it was her La Salle professor was the one who recommended enrolling in a government school in order for her to have “a deeper understanding of the Filipino culture.” True, UP would be a much more eye-opening experience. I just told her to be prepared to be independent. And that there aren’t as much air-conditioned classrooms here. LOL.


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